Friday, May 13, 2016

June 4th Maitra Jeevanche. Bhavgandharv Pt Hridhaynath Mangeshkar and Saleel Kulkarni

June 4th: 'Maitra Jivanche' live concert featuring Legend Pt. Hridhaynath Mangeshkar and Saleel Kulkarni. 

Tickets:   $25, $35 (Preferred) , $50 VIP  

Date/Time: Saturday June 4th 2016,  6:00 PM (Changed from 7PM to 6PM, please note)

Venue: Sunnyvale Temple Auditorium. 
            450  Persian Dr.  Sunnyvale, CA
  (There is no other conflict program but will make special arrangements for parking if required)

Ticket Online: 

or Mail check to 'SwarSudha' to 857 Raintree Dr. San Jose, CA 95129

Contact: Ajay: 510-579-8211,   Sunil: 408-461-8390, Anoop: 213-304-3553

Video Invite from Saleel 

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On Friday May 13th 2016, 7:30PM : Geet Ramayan by Sridhar Phadke, a special presentation as part of his felicitation for 61st Anniversary of Geet Ramayan and also his contribution to music for last 40 years in a tribute to Babuji and GaDima by Sridharji and local Bay Area Artists - Satish Tare, Amol Chiplunkar, Satish Gadagkar, Abhijit Jere, Abhay Mannur, Sukhada Pendse, Kalyani Boralkar, Laxman Apte, Anjali Bhaid and many more.

Tickets:   $15, $25 (Preferred)  - Early Bird

Date/Time: Friday May 13th 2016,  7:30PM 

Venue: Jain Temple Auditorium. 
            722 S. Main Street, Milpitas, CA

Ticket Online: 

or Mail check to 'SwarSudha' to 857 Raintree Dr. San Jose, CA 95129

Contact: Ajay: 510-579-8211,  Sunil: 408-461-8390

Video Message from Sridharji on Gudi Padva. 

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