Friday, November 4, 2016

Marathi movie 'Family Katta' on Sat Dec 3rd

Swar Sudha presents Marathi movie 'Family Katta'
Starring: Sai Tamhankar, Vandana Gupte and Dilip Prabhavalkar

Date/Time:  Saturday December 3rd 2016, 2PM

Tickets: $10-Regular,  $15-Preferred
Select your seat online while booking. Please don't leave odd seat vacant in between. 

Tickets Online:

Sunil : 408-461-8390,    Mangesh : 408-930-8031

"Family Katta" is a heartwarming and eye-opening film starring Sai Tamhankar, Dilip Prabhavalkar and Vandana Gupte. It's directed by Chandrakant Kulkarni and produced by Vandana Gupte, herself. This movie is released in India is going house-full for weeks.

As the film's name suggests it is a family drama taking place in a Marathi Middle Class home, whose members are spread in different parts of the world. The head of the family are Mr. and Mrs Sabnis, who are the central characters of this movie.  So you have a family reunion which comes at the backdrop of the 50th marriage anniversary of Mr & Mrs. Sabnis and the drama unfolds. All sorts of unexpected things take place in the reunion. It's a collage of emotions with a very surprise ending!  Come and watch this latest entertainer and enjoy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Oct 15th: Hindi and Marathi melodies by Actress/Singer Ketaki Mategaonkar

Tickets will be available at the venue, if you couldn't buy it online

Swar Sudha presents Light Marathi and Hindi Films music concert by Actress and singer  Ketaki Mategaonkar accompanied by Suvarna and Parag Mategaonkar to celebrate Kojagiri (Sharad Poornima) with family and friends. Click on the poster link below to watch her video message.

Date: Saturday October 15th 2016 6:00PM
Venue: Cubberley Auditorium, 4000 Middlefield Rd. Palo Alto, CA
Ticket: VIP: $45 (First Row), Preferred: $30, General: $20 ( Masala Milk/Basundi included in price if booked online)
Tickets Online: 

Contact: [email protected]
                Sunil : 408-461-8390,  Ajay : 510-579-8211
Ketaki Mategaonkar, who is a budding Marathi film star who has acted in recent films like Time Pass, kaaksparsh and Phuntroo. She was the little champ on famous TV show "Sa Re Ga Ma", is also an accomplished background singer. She is daughter of Suvarna Mategaonkar, who has been on TV shows over last three decades. Ketaki and Suvarna will be presenting sada bahaar nagme from 1970's to the latest hits. She sang Kaaksparsh songs in Hindi and Tamil versions under the Illaiyaraaja as a composer. She also sang in Tamil movie Taani, and Sun Zara Hindi movie. Ketaki possess a beautiful and scintillating voice that delighted listeners in various languages and ages. She will be presenting the her playback songs like 'MalAA Ved LagLe Premache', some famous Marahi Bhavgeet besides Hindi melodies like 'Lag Ja Gale', 'O Sajana Barkha Bahar Aayi', 'Yeh Mera Dil Yaar Ka Diwana'
Here is the Special Video Message from Ketaki for her Bay Area Fans and audience. Click on the poster link below.
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Swar Sudha presents “रंगीरंगलाश्रीरंग“ Classical/Semi Classical Vocal by Pt. Raghunandan Panshikar, desciple of Smt. Kishori Amonkar
A program of Abhanga, Natyageet, Thumari, Ghazal and Hindustani Classical bandish.
Accompaniment: Bharat Kamat(Table), Niranjan Lele (Harmonium)  
Date/Time:  Sunday October 2nd 2016, 5:30PM
Venue: Jain Temple Aduitorium, 722 S. Main St. Milpitas, CA 95035
Tickets: VIP: $45 (First Row), Preferred: $29, General: $19 ( till Sep 30th)

Tickets Online: 

Contact: [email protected]
                Sunil : 408-461-8390, Ajay : 510-579-8211

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Sep 3rd: Marathi Comedy Play 'Karti Kaaljaat Ghusali' with Prashant Damle, Tejashri Pradhan

Swar Sudha presents Super hit Marathi Play 'Karti Kaaljaat Ghusali'
Starring* Prashant Damle, Tejashri Pradhan, Neeta Pendse, Parag Dange 
Date/Time:  Saturday September 3rd 2016, 6PM

 Invite from Tejashri Pradhan

Tickets: VVIP: $100 (includes meet-n-Great Dinner with artists on Sep15), 
                VIP: $75 (incl picture),  Preferred: $50,   General: $25 **
**All tickets except General will be assigned priority seat number in the order of payment received(date of purchase). For General, we will assign priority section with bands. For better seats buy early. Seating chart uploaded below.

Tickets Online: 

               Sunil : 408-461-8390,     Ajay : 510-579-8211 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Jul 17th: Marathi Movie 'Ekk Albela' starring Vidya Balan and Mangesh Desai

Swar Sudha presents Marathi movie 'Ekk Albela'
Starring Vidya Balan and Mangesh Desai based on story of  Geeta Bali and Bagawan Dada

Date/Time:  Sunday July 17th 2016, 2PM

Tickets: $11-Regular,  $15-Preferred

Tickets Online: 


Sunil : 408-461-8390
Ajay  : 510-579-8211

Friday, May 13, 2016

June 4th Maitra Jeevanche. Bhavgandharv Pt Hridhaynath Mangeshkar and Saleel Kulkarni

June 4th: 'Maitra Jivanche' live concert featuring Legend Pt. Hridhaynath Mangeshkar and Saleel Kulkarni. 

Tickets:   $25, $35 (Preferred) , $50 VIP  

Date/Time: Saturday June 4th 2016,  6:00 PM (Changed from 7PM to 6PM, please note)

Venue: Sunnyvale Temple Auditorium. 
            450  Persian Dr.  Sunnyvale, CA
  (There is no other conflict program but will make special arrangements for parking if required)

Ticket Online: 

or Mail check to 'SwarSudha' to 857 Raintree Dr. San Jose, CA 95129

Contact: Ajay: 510-579-8211,   Sunil: 408-461-8390, Anoop: 213-304-3553

Video Invite from Saleel 

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On Friday May 13th 2016, 7:30PM : Geet Ramayan by Sridhar Phadke, a special presentation as part of his felicitation for 61st Anniversary of Geet Ramayan and also his contribution to music for last 40 years in a tribute to Babuji and GaDima by Sridharji and local Bay Area Artists - Satish Tare, Amol Chiplunkar, Satish Gadagkar, Abhijit Jere, Abhay Mannur, Sukhada Pendse, Kalyani Boralkar, Laxman Apte, Anjali Bhaid and many more.

Tickets:   $15, $25 (Preferred)  - Early Bird

Date/Time: Friday May 13th 2016,  7:30PM 

Venue: Jain Temple Auditorium. 
            722 S. Main Street, Milpitas, CA

Ticket Online: 

or Mail check to 'SwarSudha' to 857 Raintree Dr. San Jose, CA 95129

Contact: Ajay: 510-579-8211,  Sunil: 408-461-8390

Video Message from Sridharji on Gudi Padva. 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 30th 2PM: Thriller Marathi Movie 'BhoBho' , May 13th: 'Geet Ramayan', June 4th: 'Maitra Jivache'

Award winning Marathi Psycoplogical Thriller BhoBho  will be thoroughly enjoyed by Animal lovers and dog lovers in particular. 
**ing - प्रशांत दामले, सुबोध भावे, शरद पोंक्षे, संजय मोने, आणि अश्विनी एकबोटे यांच्या संवादाची आतिषबाजी पाहायला नक्की या.. ३० एप्रिलला "भो भो" तुमच्या जवळ मिल्पिटासच्या चित्रपट गॄहात...
Tickets:   $11, $15 (Preferred) 
Date/Time: Saturday April 30th 2016,  2:00PM 

Venue: Serra Theater.
            200 Serra Way, Milpitas, CA

Tickets Online:

or Mail check to 'SwarSudha' to 857 Raintree Dr. San Jose, CA 95129
Contact: Ajay: 510-579-8211,  Sunil: 408-461-8390

Delhi International Film Festival, 2016: BHO BHO was selected in the Competition section
Pune International Film Festival, 2016: BHO BHO was screened in the “Marathi Movies Today” category;

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sun March-20th: Marathi Movie 'Bandh Nylon Che'

Highly acclaimed Family Marathi Movie 'Bandh Nylon Che' starring Subodh Bhave, Sunil Barve, Mahesh Manjrekar & Medha Manjrekar  on March 20th 2016  2PM.

Venue:  Serra Theater, Milpitas, CA
Tickets $11 Level-1, $15 -Preferred
Tickets available Online
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Swar Sudha is happy to announce 'String n Beats' Sitar and Kathak Jugalbandi by Ustad Shakir Khan and Shambhavi Dandekar on Sunday 13th March 2016, @4:30PM at Mexican Heritage Plaza, San Jose with audio-Video extravaganza
Accompaniment: Harshad Kanetkar on Tabla

'Strings n Beats' is a unique dialogue between Tala and Raga, Beats and Notes, Rhythm and Melody. Three renowned artists of present generation: Shakir Khan (Sitar), Shambhavi Dandekar (Kathak dance) and Harshad Kanetkar (Tabla) present this concert, specially created for the North America Spring Concert Tour

Date, Time:
Sunday, 13th March 2016 @ 4:30PM 

Venue: Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater, 1700, Alum rock Ave, San Jose, CA

Tickets $20, $35, $50 
Tickets available Online

Contact: [email protected]
Ajay Patwardhan : 510-579-8211,  Sunil Ganu: 408-461-8390

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Feb 13th: Nat-Samraat, other Events in Bay Area

Star Tuned for more details on the concerts. 
For ski Trip on Sat, February 27th contact 408-461-8390 or 510-579-8211 or email [email protected]