Wednesday, July 4, 2012

'Ud Jayega Hans Akela..' Concert by Ms. Kalapini Komakali , tribute to her father Pt. Kumar Gandharva on Sat. September 8th 2012

'Ud Jayega Hans Akela' A delightful evening of bhajans in Kumar Gandharva style, presented by his daughter Sushri Kalapini Komakali

Vocalist Sushri Kalapini Komakali is the daughter and disciple of legend Pt. Kumar Gandharva and Vidushi Vasundhara Komakali. She is gifted with a sweet and sonorous voice. 

She will present bhajans in Kumar Gandharva style at her first concert in USA, 'Ud Jayega Hans Akela'. Nirgun-Sagun bhajans weaved with the narration by Linda Hess and Sanjay Mathur 

Don't miss the great opportunity to listen to her first visit to USA & Bay Area on 

Saturday, September 8th 2012, 5:30PM

Accompanist:  Sanjay Deshpande (Tabla),
                        Raya Korgaokar (Harmonium)

Hosts:   Linda Hess & Sanjay Mathur

Venue:  Jain Temple Auditorium,
             722 S. Main St. Milpitas, CA 95035

Tickets: $30.00 (Preferred),  $20.00 (General) - Part of proceeds will go to Bay Area's non-profit organization Maitri (

Early Bird group special: 4 preferred for 110 checks postmarked till August 31st.

Buy online at the link below or send check payable to 'Swar Sudha'
mail it
to 857 Raintree Dr. San Jose, CA 95129

Contact:  [email protected]
Sunil Ganu   408-243-9110, 408-461-8390
Sanjay Mathur 408-373-7327

Facebook invite of the event, Feel free to  invite others, who might be interested: 

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What Bay area's known writers, Kabir and Nirguni experts have to say about the concert

"Kalapini Komkali sings nirgun and sagun bhajans in the profoundly beautiful compositions of her father, Kumar Gandharva. Her music carries inspiration from her father and from her mother, Vasundhara Komkali, both of whom have been her gurus. At the same time she sings with an art and originality all her own"
Linda Hess: , Senior Lecturer, Department of Religious Studies, Stanford University. 
Author of Singing Emptiness: Kumar Gandharva Performs the Poetry of Kabir

Sanjay Mathur: 
"जब गुरुजी से बंदिश ले कर चेला अपनी लय में गाए, तो गुरुबानी बन जाए!"
हम बे-एरिया के वासी भाग्यशाली हैं कि हमें सगुण-निर्गुण भजन की एक अनुपम गायकी का श्रवण करने का मौका मिलेगा. कलापिनी कोमकली, जिन्होंने अपने गुरु-पिता, कुमार गन्धर्व और गुरु-माता, विदुषी वसुंधरा से गायकी की शिक्षा ली है,देवास में ग्वालियर की गायकी पर मालवा का रंग चढ़ाया है, वो जल्दी ही हमारे बीच एक भजन-संध्या की अलख जगाएँगी.
यदि हम एक ऐसी नैसर्गिक बैठक का आयोजन करें तो क्या आप ना आयेंगे? सुर स्वयं आपको वहाँ खीँच कर ले आयेंगे, ऐसा हमारा विश्वास है.

Arvind Kansal:
"A special treat for Kumar Gandharva fans in Bay Area! His daughter, Kalapini Komkali, will present bhajans on Sept. 8 at Jain Temple, Milpitas.
A gifted singer with a powerfully evocative voice, Kalapini-ji instantly brings back memories of Kumar-ji's nirguni compositions like jhini jhini chadariya and sunta hai guru gyani. Kalapini-ji starts her maiden US tour from this performance in Bay Area, titled "Ud Jayega Hans Akela". Our own Sanjay Mathur will host the program, weaving stories and imparting context and meaning to the bhajans of saint-poets. This is a concert you should not miss!"

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