Saturday, April 20, 2019

13th Apr: Lifetime Award Ceremony

Swarsudha proudly announces its first "Life-Time Achievement Award" to be presented to Mr. Suhas Patil and Mrs. Jayashree Patil. Both have made outstanding contributions to enhancement of Technology and spreading the entrepreneurial spirit among Indian Communities!
Award will be presented on 13th April during the Vidushi Ashwini Bhide Deshpande Concert. Here is brief information about our eminent award recipients.
Suhas Patil
Suhas Patil is founder and Chairman Emeritus of Cirrus Logic Inc., a leading semiconductor company. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Suhas was appointed Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At MIT, Suhas’s work has covered computer architecture, parallel processing computers, very-large-scale integration devices, and integrated circuit design automation software. He is known for describing the "cigarette smokers problem" for concurrent computing in 1971.
Jayashree Patil

  • Jayashree has dedicated her life to nurturing her large and ever-growing family and contributing to the Indian community in the Bay Area. In her household, she takes loving care of all her family and friends. She loves to cook and feed, loves to paint and write poetry. She complements Suhas by bringing colour, laughter, energy, and joy to their home. But she does just as much outside the home as within it. She has been an influential member of the South Asian community in the Bay Area. She has spent considerable time working for multiple tech startups as well as nonprofits. Jayashree volunteered as the first Executive Director of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE); a nonprofit which supports entrepreneurship. She also served as Founder and board member for India Community Service Center or ICC.

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